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Videos of Commercial Bacteria

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Daniel Dennett: From Bacteria to Bach and Back

Daniel Dennett: From bacteria to Bach and Back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLynOBIsVA Published October 2017.
Although not strictly about bacteria I could not resist including this fascinating talk by the philosopher Daniel Dennett. Some profound thinking.

Mango Materials videos

Des King interview with Dr. Molly Morse
Dr. Morse is CEO of Mango Materials. Interview at the European Bioplastics Conference, Brussels, (2 December 2014, 6 minutes)
Dr. Anne Schauer-Giminez - Production of biodegradable polymers from methane gas: The journey of a local start-up on their path towards commercialisation - (February 28 2018, 43 minutes)
Mango Materials' Molly Morse on creating plastic from methane (25 July 2013, 2 minutes)
From Methane to Bioplastic: The Mango Materials Story (11 April 2014, 2 minutes)
Mango Materials - Molly Morse (2015, 13 minutes)
New Biopolymer Production Process Turns Biogas Into Polypropylene Alternative (2 December 2017, 2 minutes)
David Border - Consultant Microbiologist

Videos - Commercial bactera 

David Border - Consultant Microbiologist