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Videos of Commercial Fungi

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The world of fungi

An excellent documentary on the wide range of fungi found in different environments.

Making compost to grow the commercial white buttom mushroom

Making mushroom compost and growing the white button mushroom (9 January 2008, 5 minutes)

Running a commercial laboratory to grow mushrooms

How To Run A Commercial Mushroom Lab - Setting Up a Laboratory for Growing Mushrooms (7 November 2017, 11 minutes)

Time-lapse photography of common moulds

Common Molds (Rhizopus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Alternaria) (3 May 2016) Time-lapse photography of growing fungi.

The history of using fungi to produce penicillin

PENICILLIN - THE MAGIC BULLET (28 March 2012, 3 minutes) I could not resist this one as it includes reference to my old boss Sir Ernst Chain, F.R.S.

David Border - Consultant Microbiologist

Videos - Commercial fungi 

David Border - Consultant Microbiologist